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The Engarde is a product of #MambaMentality and how it applies to art & design. Growing up #GenX inspired by graffiti art. The competitiveness of graffiti fueled a determination to always get better and to keep working on your craft. I brought that same mindset to graphic design, being self taught it was a sink or swim approach with no Plan-B. No sleep, no days off, weekend work, distant friendships, 10K+ hours, dues paid.

Fast forward 20 years. I am now fortunate and blessed to support a family doing what I love. Chasing those that came before me and constantly competing with myself like a psychopath.

As a career creative and father of 3 my grievances are turning into motivation. New perspectives are taking shape and forming new paths - I feel inspired and fortunate to keep moving myself and a new generation of artists forward.

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